Boston Bruins : 2011 Stanley Cup Champions!

For those of you that don’t know this about me… family LOVES hockey.  We live hockey.  All 3 kids play and we spend 3/4 of the year in ice rinks.  We’ve had weekends when we had 10 different games in 3 different states.  We go to games….we watch them on tv. The past few years we’ve been in Disney during the first round of playoffs so we went to the EPSN zone to watch the games….not once or twice….for almost every game.  We are a hockey family.  And our team is the BOSTON BRUINS.

One of my favorite commercials during the Stanley Cup Finals featured interviews with players just after winning the Stanley Cup.  Every one of them stammered, stuttered and just stared at the camera because it was simply overwhelming to them.  The ad ended with “there are no words”.  That ad is 200% correct.  There really are no words at all that can adequately convey just what it was like to be there at the parade celebrating our hockey heroes and seeing the Stanley Cup right in front of us.  It gave us goosebumps, filled us with pride and was an experience we will never forget.

So, instead of words, here is my photo tribute of the rolling rally in Boston celebrating the team we absolutely adore….the 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!….the BOSTON BRUINS!!

The next two photos mean so much to me.  The first is of my daughter, Devan, when she first spotted her hero coming down the street followed by the MVP of the series, the Bruins’ goalie, Tim Thomas! (Devan is also a goalie!)

Congratulations Bruins!  You worked hard and you did it….you brought the Cup home!   We couldn’t be prouder!!

Elizabeth Inglee-Richards -

It looks like you were right across the street from us. We drove from Philly Friday night to be there for the parade and then drove back for work on Sunday.

My freinds think we are crazy – but they don’t live so far away from the teams they love.

When we got of the T in Copley our family was standign there to greet us. It was a magical day.

Dina -

Great shots! Really captures the exuberance of the moment!

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