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  •'d rather be on the beach than in a ballroom... the bows on the shoes don't have to match the bows on the dress... every family needs a superhero... kids shouldn't have to sit still... time really does fly.

    Because you live life and enjoy every minute of it.

    Because you truly 'go with the flow' and embrace the things that really matter.

    Because you don't want the moments in your life to become a fading memory.

the 3 biggest lies told to a new mom


Now this may seem like a negative post to begin Mother’s Day with but it’s really not.

You see, I think that there are 3 major ‘fibs’ told to new moms that don’t help in preparing them for motherhood.

The first…..  9 months.  A pregnancy is 9 months/40 weeks.  Who did the calculations on that?   On whose calendar do 40 weeks equal 9 months?  More like 9 1/2-10 months!

The second….. ‘terrible twos’.  Now why does everyone prepare you for the ‘terrible twos’ when the true terror transformation seems to occur at three??  I have yet to meet a mom that’s been through both agree that age two was more of a challenge than age three!  When I meet a mom with a two year old that utters the words “terrible twos” I just can’t bring myself to say “just wait until he/she hits three!!”   (and don’t even mention the teen years!!  yikes!)

Now the first two fibs are comical in their own way.   However, the third, in my opinion, is the one that leaves a new mom the most unprepared.  It’s the worst one.

“It goes by fast.”

I remember at one point in my pregnancy with my first, my daughter Devan, when I looked at my husband and said “I swear if ONE MORE PERSON says ‘enjoy every minute…IT GOES BY FAST’ I might scream!”.   I wanted to say “I know, I know…’it goes by fast'” to everyone before they had a chance to say it to me.

At the time I just didn’t realize that it couldn’t be said enough and it is truly the biggest lie and understatement ever.  There isn’t a word, or a phrase, or any type of warning that can prepare you for just how fast it goes by.

You blink….really, just a blink…. and….

….instead of cradling them in your arms you’re looking up at them towering over you

….crayon drawings and handpainted masterpieces become newspaper clippings of their school sports

….you stop having to introduce them and remind them to say things like ‘please, thank you and nice to meet you’ and instead watch them confidently and politely introduce themselves and engage in a conversation

….you move from taking off training wheels to signing them up for driver’s ed

….instead of celebrating every wiggly tooth you celebrate the day the braces come off

The list goes on and on and on….and on.

And nothing…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING….can prepare you for just how fast it goes by.

I’m not ready.

I wish I could stop time.  No, actually I wish I could rewind.  I love who my kids are right now but I so miss carrying them on my hip or spinning them around in circles while they pretend they can fly.  And I can’t seem to reconcile the fact that in just a few short years they’ll start to head off on their own.  It’s what sends me into their rooms at night just to stare and smile at them while they are sleeping like I’ve done since they day they each were born.  It’s the reason I’ll choose a hockey game, lacrosse game, etc….over anything else.  It’s why I love every minute I spend with them.

I want to freeze every single moment because ‘it goes by fast’ just isn’t true.  It’s so, so much faster than that.

We’ve been going to Walt Disney World for years.  We all love it and we have so many great memories from our trips there.  The very first time we went was a big surprise for the kids.  We didn’t tell them a thing until we were headed to the airport.  There have been many trips since that first one and, of course, each year they are a little older and there are different experiences (and challenges!).

This year, however, was the first year that, quite literally, stopped me in my tracks.  I happened to be walking behind them and realized that neither my husband nor I were holding any hands or watching to make sure no one wandered off.   We weren’t pushing any strollers or carrying sippy cups.

It made me smile and made me sad all at the same time….

It even made me willing to get in a few photos myself!


So, a big HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all moms out there.  Enjoy it!

Have fun, spend time together and soak in every single minute.  And don’t forget …..  ‘it goes by fast’ is a giant lie.

It’s so much faster than that.

UPDATED 5/12/2013 to add March 2013 family photo (after Devan’s hockey team won the Regional Championship):

And the growing up continues.  I’m now officially the shortest member of our family (by a lot!)….

Joanne -

ditto…I never could have put all these words together this way…but all the same feelings are there…so ditto…
but…with all this comes some pretty cool things too…for example, two of my son’s friends wished me a Happy Mother’s Day yesterday…how cool is that! I’m sure their Mom’s are very proud…and what a great way to make me feel just a little bit more

Jo -

This post made me cry! And not just because I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant! I love your family so much and the photos of your kiddos at Disney several years ago really illustrated just how fast time does fly. When I met Devon 4 years she was just coming into her own. Now, a freshman in high school and a rock star on the ice…where does the time go!!! Love to you all and happy mothers day to one of the best moms I know!!!!

i very much enjoyed viewing all your photos. great work with them.

Hang Your Family (photos that is!)

You’ve had your family photo session(s).  You have an assortment of gorgeous framed prints….and they are leaning against a wall waiting for a spot to call home. Sound familiar?

For some, the decision on where and how to display their family photos can be overwhelming.  If this is you, take a deep breath and understand that there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways.  Whatever makes you smile, whatever tells your ‘story’, whatever works for you is the right way.

Many of the families I photograph are repeat clients.  I typically photograph them every year or every other year depending on schedules and geography.   In my opinion, these sessions create the perfect ‘family wall’.  You can start with just a few and add on each year which results in a fabulous photographic history of your family’s growth.

I recently received an email from a client whose family I’ve photographed several times over the years.  To say this family ‘gets me’ is an understatement. In fact, one of the images from one of our sessions together is on the home page of my website and is what I would consider a ‘signature’ image of mine.  It defines exactly the type of  family photography I love.


As you can see, these clients let their children be themselves during the sessions and let me do what I do best (capture their personalities and relationships  and document that particular stage in their lives).  There is never any demands to “smile” or “say cheese”, etc…  The result?   Two exquisite gallery walls (so far!) in their home telling the story of their children.

Here are a few from our most recent session:


This mom has a wonderful plan for the future of these photos…

“So glad we have invested in your photos through the years – when my kids get married for a wedding gift, I will give them each an album of all your pictures.  Won’t that be awesome?”

Yes…Yes it WILL be awesome!  Can’t wait for our next photo session!

Samantha -

What an awesome gift! So nice that Mom thought of that!

nicole + david : wedding : portland, maine

Well, I may not blog as frequently as I should but when I do be prepared for a LOT of images!  Nicole and David’s wedding is a great example….full of so many great details and moments it was impossible to not go overboard when putting together this post.

This wedding was a marriage of so many perfect elements:  the venue (The Portland Company is such a WOW property….definitely a favorite place of mine), the details, the vendors (I love working with Meghan from B Merry Events!), the people and, of course, Nicole and David themselves.  I can’t put into words just how wonderful Nicole and David are together.  How at ease and comfortable they are with each other but I believe the images below will.

Here is what Nicole had to say about the day:

The only thing David and I really knew when we started planning our wedding was that we wanted it to be ours–a celebration that was a true reflection of us.  We began by choosing the Portland Company as our ceremony and reception venue–a raw, warehouse-y space with character and a history.  Then we found a perfect match in our wedding planner, Meghan Torrieri of b merry events.  She listened to who we are and what we like and came up with an amazing design that capitalized on the feeling of the space and was full of thoughtful details.  David is a writer and I’m a little obsessed with crafting things out of paper, so our decor included a.) lots of books and b.) lots of things I handcrafted out of old books.  
We also found a perfect match in our florist, Emily Carter Floral Designs.  Emily totally jumped on board with our theme, making paper flowers to add in to the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets and putting together the sweetest flower girl bouquets using pinwheels I made accented with some of our wedding flowers.  We wanted more of a casual feel for our reception dinner, so we chose to do food stations.  A Moveable Feast did a fantastic job catering our event, with a pork tenderloin carving station, a mini slider bar, and a savory waffle station (to die for!)–so delicious and so much fun!  We also had a dessert table with everything from mini cupcakes to fresh fruit to donuts.  DJ Ryan Parker provided an awesome soundtrack and we danced our little hearts out.

And Stacey, oh Stacey, you captured it all!  I never thought it was possible to have so much fun with a photographer. You are truly amazing.Thank you for being there.



Look at David’s expression in the photo above.  It says everything.



Photographers: Stacey and Scott  Stacey Kane Studio

Wedding Coordinator:  Meghan Torrieri – B Merry Events

Florist:  Emily Carter – Emily Carter Flowers

DJ – Ryan Parker – DJ Ryan Parker

Venue – The Portland Company

Caterer – Beth – A Moveable Feast

Rentals – One Stop Party Shoppe

FANTASTIC job everyone!  I hope to work with all of you again soon!


I’ll end this post with a note I received after the wedding from Nicole …

Hello Stacey!

Sorry this is a bit overdue, but I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you SO MUCH for shooting our wedding on May 27th.  You were absolutely incredible to work with–I’m not someone who likes getting my picture taken but your fun, friendly, easygoing personality put me instantly at ease.  I was so impressed by how quickly and easily you made our “formal pictures” come together–and you were absolutely magical with the kids!  (And, let’s face it, with the adults too!)
Big thanks to you and to Scott for all your hard work.  It was an absolute joy to work with you!
With much gratitude, 
Nicole & David

The pleasure was all mine.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!


[…] nicole + david : wedding : portland, maine – see more of this amazing wedding. […]

melanie + stuart : wedding : stonington, maine

A simple, laid back wedding with those closest to you in a gorgeous, peaceful location on the coast of Maine….what could be more perfect?

Melanie and Stuart chose to have a small, intimate ceremony at a family home on the coast.  When Melanie first contacted us she commented that she was a little hesitant about having a photographer there.  She was concerned about the possibility that a photographer might bring a level of ‘distraction’ with such a small group.  After viewing the galleries on the website she believed that we were ‘totally in tune to this’ and wanted to work with us.   Audra photographed the event with beautiful results.

From Melanie:

“I truly can’t tell you how wonderful it was getting to have Audra photograph our wedding.  To say the least, she was perfect. I could not have imagined a better fit and I am so thankful to have found you all! She made us all feel so comfortable.”
I think having Audra there was definitely the right decision!

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