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21 May 2012 Repair your boat deck with AeroMarine Products' 8# pour foam and 300/21 epoxy resin. For more information and to order products, please contact us at www.aer

3 Boat Restoration 1973 Fiberform Fiberglass Delamination

13 Sep 2012 3 of 7 part series Major Repair I am into it around 175 hours and $200.00 in materials. 1973 Fiberform boat getting some much needed attention Lots of new fi

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resynth Junior Member. The beams are indeed bonded to the inner glass of the sandwich only, I figured that was the cause of the delam. My intention, to stop it happening again, was to attach the beam to the inside of the deck and maybe add another bulkhead, to share the load over a much greater area. Not bonding the beams to the inner skin only seemed like a no brainer to even me with my very limited experience but, the funny thing is, the boat was designed and 

Rotten to the Core: Fiberglass Core Repair, Part Two Boat Trader

15 Dec 2010 Before you cut the skin back to remove the rotted or delaminated core and allow access to lay in the fresh material, connect the test holes with a marker to show the extent of the damaged area and act as a guide for your cut. I usually like to remove the top skin and let gravity help with the repair. In other words, if you have a delaminated deck, repair it from the top. If the problem is in the hull, repair it from inside the boat using the outside skin to support the repair.

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14. 4 Repairing Damaged Skins. 4 1. Assessing and preparing the damaged area. 19. 4 2. Backing a repair patch. 20. 4 3. Laminating a repair patch. 23. 5 Repairing Core Related Damage. 5 1. Repairing skin delamination. 26. 5 2. Replacing damaged cores. 29. 5 3. Repairing transom delamination. 31. 5 4. Repairing holed panels. 37. 6 Repairing and Upgrading Soles and decks. 6 1. Repairing delaminated soles and decks. 40. 6 2. Installing a teak deck. 42. 7 Installing Hardware.

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25 Aug 2016 Foredecks on cruising boats take a pounding, and a rotten or delaminated core is a common problem. on many boats, decks are cored with end-grain balsa or plywood with a fiberglass laminate on each side. It's not unusual for moisture to find its way into this wooden core. Stanchion bases and chainplates often leak as a boat ages, and often holes are drilled in the deck for new hardware, anchoring systems or dinghy tie downs, and not properly sealed by coating the 

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10 May 2017 Some boats are exposed to these conditions as a normal course of wear. Other boats are needlessly used in a careless way and this causes hull problems. Never allow someone to load heavy objects on the cabin top or jump onto the deck from the dock. Not only is it dangerous, but it can lead to delamination in these areas which will grow with further vibration from normal use. Poor storage practices like leaving water in the bilge can lead to severe delamination.

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I have a 14ft Jet sailboat with varnished plywood deck that has a little checking and delamination of the top veneer in spots. I want to do a quick

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delamination of Core Material. delamination is a common deck and hull construction problem which tends to get worse if left unattended. Eventually, the delamination can reach a point where the overall structural integrity of the hull and deck may be compromised.

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Pry off the deck panel cutout - it doesn't matter if you damage the old core in doing this but you do want the panel to be whole and structurally undamaged. With the panel removed, determine the extent of the core damage and remove any balsa that is damp,wet or delaminated from the headliner underneath. If any of the core is damaged underneath the edges of the cutout, dig the core out as far as you can reach with the 4" grinder disc. Allow the area to dry if it is 

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4 Nov 2014 Fiberglass decks can delaminate from their core over time even if the core is dry. Here is how to fix that problem.

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22 Jul 2013 A separation or “disbond” can occur at any level. Percussion testing allows detection of separation between the gelcoat and the first fiberglass laminate (skin coat). It can also detect delamination within any of the layers of the fiberglass, including delamination caused by osmosis (blisters) and disbanding of the layers adjacent to the core. The vast majority of boats are manufactured with a cored deck. Hulls, stringers and other parts may also be cored. Coring is usually 

Delamination of fiberglass from foam core on deck of 1973 Laser

5 Jan 2009 A friend of mine actually removed his deck on his 125xxx series Laser and recored it because of extensive delamination. The original foam was definitely not Airex as it should have been. It seemed very much like polyurathane which is unsuitable for core. I've seen other boats with extensive delamination and suspect that they also have the wrong core since Airex is tough stuff. If this is the case with your boat, there is no resin you could use that will work for long 

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16 Jan 2012 From hull blisters to fiberglass delamination, rot, soaked cores, decayed fasteners and decrepit systems, these boats had them all. But which were desirable features? (Hint: don't pick hull blisters!) I could count my purchase budget on one hand in less than a hand's worth of figures so I knew I was going to have to settle for a few ailments. Fortunately some common problems will greatly depress a boat's value while creating a minimum of repair hassles. deck core 

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21 Jan 2014 Epoxy your boat the EZ way. (Best Video) Film 33 - Duration: 15:58. Mr. Midshipman 27,117 views · 15:58. Injectadeck Installation for large areas or small boat deck soft spots - Duration: 8:38. Boat deck 5,188 views · 8:38 · SAIL Epoxy Basics: Replacing Wet Core in a Fiberglass Boat - Duration: 5:53. WestSystemEpoxy 27,381 views · 5:53. Repairing a Soft Sailboat deck - Duration: 6:34. Paul Esterle 69,463 views · 6:34 · Fiberglass Repair ~ Stress Cracks - Duration: 

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The word "delamination" causes instant visions of a good old boat coming apart at the seams. Worse, those visions may be equated with an unsalvageable hulk lying in the mud of a river bank. Bad jokes have been published of a prospective buyer falling through a deck or into the bilge. These visions and jokes ring somewhat true sometimes, but does a delamination problem predict the end of a good old boat? Is there useful life after delamination? Let's examine the causes, effects, 

Repairing a Soft Sailboat Deck - YouTube

17 Nov 2011 A photo montage of a deck repair I did on my Columbia 10.7 sailboat.