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How should I air-seal and insulate a tongue-and-groove cathedral

in the summer months, we had problems with large amounts of condensation forming at the ridge of the ceiling, dripping down from the center ridge beam and dripping down the walls. Now We feel pretty confident this is all due to the leaky tongue-and-groove ceiling (there are some visible gaps between some of the boards, and I'm sure there are plenty of smaller gaps as well). We've had several recommendations for how best to air-seal the ceiling and insulate.

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tongue-and-groove ceilings add charm to porches and nearly any room in a house. Some old homes with wide sitting porches feature "installation of a 1"" X 6"" tongue & groove Ceiling" · how to Make a tongue & groove Wall Smooth for Painting. tongue-and-groove ceilings add charm to Caulking and painting a ceiling with loose sections usually leads to gaps as the caulk and paint dry, so locate any problem areas before you paint. Some loose panels have a raised or bowed 

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large cracks , in attic at ceiling plane. Then using blown in cellulose ? Question # 2. Any best method for securing tongue and groove ceiling to prevent cellulose from pushing down ceiling ? Netting etc. Question # 3. Thought of using Reclaimed Commercial Roofing foam board Fiberglass faced , using cut and cobble. at attic joist bays. Leaving small air gap from tongue and groove ceiling. My thought was it would. allow any interior moisture to dry back to interior 

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17 Feb 2017 With older wood tongue-and-groove flooring, gaps will inevitably develop between the boards. The problems with this are numerous: in many cases, you will spend countless hours on filling gaps, only to be dissatisfied with the results and contemplate laying a new solid hardwood or engineered wood floor. however, if you absolutely want to repair, your best option is to fill the gaps with a solid, rather than liquid, material. Options, from best to worst: 1. Fill With Wood 

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16 Dec 2016 A little while back we had our contractors install a car siding/tongue and groove wall in our guest bathroom. They primed and I've spent a lot of time looking on home improvement forums and reddit to find anyone else or any photos of someone with shiplap or tongue and groove walls that are cracking like ours (or well our one board) and can't find any. Like Save December 16, I agree that the caulking is making it EASIER for the paint to crack. Much, much, much 

What is the best way to seal gaps that have opened in a wood

If the gaps leave open cracks all the way through where air can leak through spaces between the boards, the only real solution is to take the wood ceiling down, place solid sheathing behind it and reinstall the ceiling. If the gaps are permanent and unsightly, you may try to fill them with either very small slices of the same materials or caulk and/or paint, depending on what sort of wood your ceiling is. Occasionally I see tongue-and-groove paneling that was not 

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9 Jan 2015 General contractor tom Silva shares ingenious tip for plugging floorboard gaps. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the off

Air seal a tongue-and-groove ceiling?

Put up a tyvek air barrier behind it to air seal? in your house I would go up in the attic, get the fiberglass out of the way, cut pieces of thin plywood, rigid foam insulation, or drywall, and install them on the top of the T&G, with caulk or canned foam at all edges, gaps, etc. I think a plastic vapor barrier would be a bad idea in any of these cases since moisture could get trapped in there between the plastic and the tongue and groove and on the cold side of the wall.

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22 Apr 2014 I am doing a project and the owner's pine tongue and groove ceiling is shrinking. The builder sealing the wood on all sides will slow the expansion and contraction due to gain and loss of transient moisture. If the wood The contractor was complaining about shrinkage - the boards were separating about 1/16 to 1/8 inch (larger gaps higher on the walls and across the ceilings, still fairly tight near the floor) and the painters were having to caulk every one – every one.

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tongue-and-groove paneling typically has a finish coat of paint or sealer that protects the wood. This must be roughed up with fine-grit sandpaper so that paint will adhere properly. When sanding the walls, make sure you sand the surface of the wood entirely. Clean your paneling with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust and other dirt. Gouges, holes and other blemishes in the paneling may be filled with wood-filler and sanded smooth prior to priming and painting, but the grooves of 

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26 Jan 2015 DON'T let this happen to you. Use adhesive on the wall and wood glue down the joints. to caulk or not to caulk? If you want to paint your tongue and groove and you've glued it down the grooves and glued it in place, you DO need to caulk in every joint so that the paint doesn't crack. Caulking won't ruin the look. You're not obliterating the groove, just filling the very bottom of the crack. Caulk is a flexible filler so there's a degree of movement which prevents cracking.

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Caulking is a sealant that fills gaps, cracks, nail holes, and similar imperfections on the surface. in other words, caulking is applied where moisture would While a DIYer or a novice painter might attempt to produce a cleaner look by sealing all gaps on a wood garage door, garage door panels are designed to move. The panels on your garage door require room for is never advised and can cause permanent damage. Also, avoid caulking tongue-and-groove siding boards together.

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14 May 2016 Finally completed caulking the back room timber wood panel ceiling! YAY me!!! Now I'm getting ready for carpet and painting! You can follow me on instagram

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You could use the traditional boat-building technique of filling the seams by pounding a cotton cord (marline) into it with a mallet. If the gaps are wide you can Due to expansion and contraction of wood when the seasons change due to high and low humidity anything you fill the cracks with will not look good because cracks will develop. If the filler material is rigid or . gaps between the planks? I assume what you are referring to is tongue and groove wall paneling.

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It's designed to fill in the joints or seams between adjacent sheets of drywall. Using multiple layers over an initial strip of drywall tape, it's applied in ever-wider swaths to conceal the joints and create a flat, smooth surface upon which to texture, prime and paint. With tongue and groove paneling, evenly spaced gaps or grooves are features of both slats and full-sheet panels. Drywall compound can be used to fill them in the same manner as drywall. Once completed, the wall can be