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DECKadence. Marine Carpet / Boat Carpet Shop. DECKadence Marine Flooring is simply the best choice for marine carpet & flooring applications on the market to date. It's superior to any other alternative in terms of durability, maintenance, practicality and beauty. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Here you can find

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Deckadence is a revolutionary flooring manufactured from the most practical marine flooring material in existence today. DMF is the perfect combination of PVC, Resign and Aerated Rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability to boaters worldwide. It simply lifts up, hoses off, cleans easily, with EXTREME DURABILITY,

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We decided to go with deckadence flooring. I had seen/felt it a few times in other boats and really liked it, plus the fact that it doesn't get wet seemed great. I purchased through Jims Marine Flooring, which was a great experience. Cost was around $1,500. My overall experience has been very positive.

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DECKadence Marine 1155 Camino Del Mar Suite 486. Del Mar, CA 92014. Phone: 888-332-5020. Email: ? 2017 DECKadence Marine Flooring, All Rights Reserved.

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If you are looking for a simple DIY boat flooring solution, look no further than DECKadence boat floor mats. Order custom marine flooring online today. template is available. Also, check out our DIY Template Video and/or give us call with approximate dimensions for pricing.) Deckadence rolled goods DIY boat decking.

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Marine Carpet PVC. Don't let the PLUSH look of marine carpeting fool you! DECKadence Engineered Marine Carpet (EMC) is actually a unique combination of soft synthetic PVC strands developed specifically for the marine industry. EMC is installed in minutes, water flows through it, and requires no adhesives! It hoses

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DECKadence Marine Flooring is a Very high end, very PLUSH, product that is used in marine and outdoor applications. This product is not like the typical marine carpet products found is stores or boating catalogs. However, if you are searching for the best product underfoot that will provide value to your boat or property,

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Dec 22, 2009 A sure cure for soggy feet – check out DECKadence Marine Flooring (DMF). DMF is a great product out of Brazil and it is the right combination of PVC, resin and aerated rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability. No adhesives are required since it simply lays flat on just about any deck surface

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As a Navy veteran, diver and water sportsman, I have dedicated years to the development of a marine deck covering that accommodates the needs of boat owners and water lovers. Watermen (and women) don't mince words about how they feel about boat carpet. Yet, out of convenience and cost, most consumers end up

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Very loosely knit company The product itself is great, but I paid a lofty sum to attain a territory as a dealer. The price they were asking me to retail it for simply wasn't going to fly in this are a. What they were getting in Miami was not going to happen here. Our customers would opt for Astro-turf or the likes. So in an effort to