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Step 2: Foundation blocks Layout. The main area of my deck is just a little bigger than a 12-foot by 8-foot rectangle. This worked out well for material usage and produced very little waste. I began by laying out cement blocks in a 4-foot grid, and spray painted around them to indicate their locations. The blocks I used are "Old Manor" landscaping blocks that I got at Seventrust. Other hefty paver-type blocks would also work. Each block location was dug about 6 inches deep. I used a 

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13 Mar 2011 how I built my backyard observatory a few minutes at a time! Episode #18 deck leveled and squared, cross beams cut and side boards screwed on. http://w

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15 Jan 2012 If you're on a budget, don't require a "Better Homes and Gardens" deck, and can re-use old lumber and get it done "good enough" for close to a zero budget, then I find NO FAULT with that! :) I too would have appreciated a little more construction detail, but overall, helpful video. I'm building a 6' x 6' deck today and I'm rethinking the concrete mix and miserable holes in the ground I was going to use. For such a small deck, I'm thinking I might be willing to give the 

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23 Jul 2011 I will relent this to anyone and all to my friends looking for a collection of designs. I don't see anyone passing all this without consulting the best program for their problem. I am so much delighted to work with them and making use of their designs without any further problem again [Go Here== ].?. Read more. Show less. Reply 2 3. C.A.R4 months ago. how much do the blocks cost??. Read more.

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20 Nov 2010 /NewsletterSignupNow founder, Tim Carter shows a precast concrete deck pier before and after installation. He compares pros and co

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14 Sep 2017 Picture of cement deck blocks. Easy to situate as needed on your site, cement deck blocks provide the foundation for floating decks, as shown in this picture. David Beaulieu. The floating deck in this project will stand just 9 inches off the ground. Concrete deck . After you have your first decking board in place, you won't need to use the long guide any more for screw alignment -- simply use the carpenter's square (photo) to line up your screws. The screws should run at 

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deck post block. The cheapest deck foundations are concrete deck blocks that just sit on the ground. Usually less than $10 a piece. You have to buy a lot of them to make sure that you spread the weight of your deck out over enough soil They are usually way too expensive for a light weight deck structure. Some of them can use modified load plates and are less expensive than an engineered helical pier and provide more lateral strength than surface block deck block footing.

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You're probably thinking of how you'll enjoy life on top of your new decking, but you first need to think about what goes underneath — the right concrete deck blocks and footings that keep your deck level, stable, and able to hold up any outdoor party you throw. If you're building your own deck, your first step should be to consult your local building codes for regulations about deck foundations. That way, you'll know you're building a deck that's as safe as it can be. In most regions of the 

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17 Jul 2017 A backyard deck is an excellent way to expand outdoor living space, but decks can be complicated, time consuming and pricey. One way to build a ground level deck with simple construction, without breaking the bank, is to use prefabricated deck blocks for your foundation. Precast deck blocks take the place of in-ground footings, reducing complexity of construction, time required, and cost. You can build a simple deck in one day using this floating deck system with 

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deck block. 11 in. x 11 in. x 7 1/2 in. Made of concrete. use 4 in x 4 in vertically for elevated deck.

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"4-way" deck Block: we've got it. Take advantage of unbeatable inventory and prices from Quebec's expert in construction & renovation.

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17 Jan 2012 Installing footings for a deck is a big job. You don't always need a concrete footing. Find out when a floating deck footing foundation is the right choice a

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26 Apr 2012 For more information please visit My bother built a deck a two years ago using a floating foundation like this one. The thing shifted so much it literally exposed half inch gaps.?. Read more Pier blocks are okay on very hard packed soil or concrete but on a soft unpacked surface such as grass I don't see how it would not sink into the ground after a couple of seasons hard rains and other substructure settling. The video gives a false impression of Can I use deck pier blocks instead of footings?

Our inspector explains the pros and cons of using pier blocks for deck foundations.

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Set the four corners for the deck. Digging about 6 inches into the ground, create holes for the blocks so you can adjust (raise or lower) to make them even. The blocks should be spaced to make a 7' x 19' rectangle, leaving about 6 inches from Continue Setting Outer blocks. blocks should be equally spaced. Set them and make sure they're level, using wet concrete mixed in a large wheelbarrow, adding or removing concrete as necessary. A good way to check that all blocks are lined 

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Easiest way to build a deck or fence with no holes to dig, no concrete to mix or clean.

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5 Apr 2013 For more information please visit Speaking from a person who has redone my front yard from massive lawn to drought tolerant/desert landscape ( by myself ) to back yard, raised planters, shed an deck ( by myself ) for a few thousand dollars ( quotes by pros five times the amount I spent ) Any person with moderate ability and common sense can do it all. The pre . how can I use this method to make my deck a bit taller? do i stack the blocks??.