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The potential for residential fencing systems to act as a barrier against radiant heat, burning debris and flame impingement and the CsirO has revealed that different types of fencing can play an important part in defending homes against the threat of . non-combustible material. it maintained structural integrity as a heat

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The gate was totally consumed as were most of two 8-foot sections of fence. The geometry and combustibility of this arrangement was an invitation to burn in this type of "zero-lot-line" construction. There are several reasons for fences to be of concern. For one, a combustible fence or gate attached to a structure is an obvious

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Feb 5, 2012 The construction type of fencing was also found to make a significant difference during tests on timber fences. Timber fences with overlapping panels (palings) which create a surface with no prone areas and does not support the use of brushwood should be constructed from non-combustible materials

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Property owners do not always consider the potential that landscape fences and walls can have in contributing to the spread of a wildfire. The common wooden post-and-board fence can become fuel for a wildfire, especially when the fence is old and weather-beaten. This type of fence can also collect embers and firebrands

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3.2 Potential of residential fencing systems to act as protection in bushfire-prone areas. 3.3 Current recommendations for non-combustible residential boundary fencing systems to act as radiant heat barriers . .. residential-type buildings against attack from radiant heat, burning debris and flame impingement during

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There are many reasons to enclose the boundaries of your property using any one of a variety of fence types. Your home is the most important investment that you will ever make, and few other features increase your home's marketability than an attractive fence. At The Seventrust, we have a wide variety of high quality

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Use non-flammable fencing if attached to the house such as metal. Guide to Construction. "When considering improvements to reduce wildfire vulnerability, the key is to consider the home in relation to its immediatesurroundings. The homes vulnerability is determined by the exposureofits external materials and design to

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Depending on the pre-fire exposure, however, vegetative debris at the base of a combustible fence could result in ignition, as would direct flame contact. sustain combustion after the B brand burned out, and did not spread fire to the wall, even though fine combustible debris was stuffed into areas in the lattice fence.

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With clean lines, pre-painted steel is especially suited to modern designs and is ideal for straight boundaries. And you won't be “Testing by the CSIRO and the Bushfire Co-operative Council shows a steel fence can help protect your property during a bushfire as steel is non-combustible,” says Julia. Why you'll love it: