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23 Apr 2015 india ranks second as the country with the largest number of green buildings after the United States. Most indian projects have demonstrated that green buildings and sustainable construction are not complex or high-tech ventures. Particularly retrofitting is a technique, through which scores of old buildings and homes in the country have been transformed by using non-toxic, recycled and environmental friendly building materials. A green building can save on an 

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9 Sep 2017 Concrete is a well known gray building material that is widely used in almost every construction project – right from residential apartments to commercial buildings to pavers, sidewalks, viaducts, bridges etc. But very of recycled plastic. green buildings materials That Are Better Than Concrete - plastic. Researchers are manufacturing concrete instead of mining, extracting, and milling new components which include ground up recycled plastics and trash. It does not 

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8 Nov 2016 Besides, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a system that governs the design, construction and maintenance of green housing projects in india. While there are reasons that make green buildings popular worldwide, MakaaniQ lists features that make a green building: Features of a green building. materials efficiency. green buildings use recyclable, durable and sustainable harvested building materials. Strategic construction techniques 

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24 Dec 2015 With 14 gardens inside the complex, CRISIL House is rated as one of the greenest commercial complexes in india. The interiors of the building are made up of recycled construction material while the atrium at the center of the building allows natural light to seep in covering 70 percent of the work area. At night, energy efficient artificial lighting is used thus, reducing the carbon footprint. The natural lighting technique has helped reduce power consumption by forty 

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15 Apr 2015 The book argues that we could and should be putting this to good use as cheap, durable and green building materials. Special recycling plants separate out the polymers from the, er, organic waste, and these polymers can then be used to ceate fibre-based construction materials like the tiles in the image above. 3. Recy blocks. Image: Gert de Mulder. These colourful bricks are made from old plastic bags, which are notoriously difficult to recycle in any other way.

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10 Feb 2017 green buildings are growing in large numbers in india. What makes them worth it is their design simplicity. This design strategy is couple with a focused approach of an extended lifespan of natural resources, reduced operating costs like the use of energy and water, offering human comfort, safety and efficiency. One of the prime features of these structures is the use of non-toxic, recycled and environment-friendly building materials. While experts believe that the 

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Eco Logo?, building green?, Energy. Star?, green Seal?, green Label?,. green Label Plus?, or other nation- ally recognized certifying companies. However, not all green materials carry a green label or are part of a green rating system. Notwithstanding the benefit of certification, the “green-ness” of ma- terials can still be a matter of perspec- tive. for example, when considering framing materials, a builder may face several choices: what to buy and from where??? Buy a product 

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"green" is regarded as 'the voluntary pursuit of any activity which is concerned with energy efficiency, environmental management, water management, renewable energy, and waste management and recycling' - CII - Godrej green Business Centre, india green building is described as a structure that ensures efficient use of materials, water, energy and other resources without depletion of nature and minimal generation of non-degradable waste. The term green building is often used 

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If all buildings in urban areas were made to adopt green building concepts, india could save more than 8400 MW of power which is enough to light half of Delhi or 5.5 lakh homes a year according to estimates by TERI. In addition, integrating green building materials into building projects can help reduce the environmental impacts associated with the extraction, transport, processing, fabrication, installation, reuse, recycling, and disposal of these building industry source materials.

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green buildings are ageless in the true sense! Actually green Homes or Eco-friendly houses are not a new concept. History is full of instances where ancient civilization used to get their residences lit by natural resources, besides capturing rainwater for irrigation. They used natural materials to the extent that their houses were heated and cooled without electricity! Using non-toxic, healthy and organic materials like stone, mud, wood, grass etc. they built their homes. And in many 

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materials used. The selection of using eco-friendly materials and products while constructing a green building plays an important role in the 'greenness' of the project. This plays an important role in saving energy and, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of the building. The use of recycled materials in green buildings is a recent phenomenon and has been gaining popularity worldwide, as it is both economical and environment friendly. In india, the introduction of green building 

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10 Feb 2017 Here are 6 remarkable homes in Bengaluru that are setting an example for eco-friendly living that minimizes both environmental impact and financial costs. True sustainability is made up of many facets, from building materials to the use of renewable energy sources to design that strives for efficiency and harmony with the surrounding environment. A green structure is an Efficient rain water harvesting system that supplies all the water required by the household.

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5 Aug 2014 Construction and civil engineering activities have experienced a boom due to rapid improvements in procurement of building materials. However, the current scenario in the booming construction industry has posed many challenges due to some unsustainable aspects of the highly polluting and the exhaustive nature of building materials. At the same time, it has also created opportunities for innovative and unconventional resources to emerge due to the widening gap 

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There are opportunities for innovative green building materials to emerge due to the scarcity of traditional resources and the need for energy efficient construction.