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24 Apr 2013 Thinking of painting a wood deck? Angie Hicks explains why So, as your deck boards expand and contract with variations in temperatures and weather conditions, paint begins to chip and you end up with peeling paint, rotting wood and other potential problems. Need professional help Before you stain the deck, I do recommend you have a professional power wash and clean the deck to remove any remaining stain, sealant, dirt and grime. A properly prepared 

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Decks covered in old, peeling paint can diminish the appearance of your landscape and exterior living areas of your home. If your deck looks old and faded, you can't make it look new again until you remove the old paint. Old deck paint will occasionally come off with a scraper and a strong blast of water, but a chemical stripper often is necessary to remove all of the stubborn paint stuck in the wood grain and between the planks.

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28 Dec 2008 Used this to remove and strip paint off my deck using a pressure water jet and a citrus based stripper, it was so easy!!! click

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14 Sep 2017 BanksPhotos/Getty Images. The first step in your wood deck refinishing should be an inspection, looking for any loose boards or other structural component problems, including rotting or severely split wood. If you do need to replace a damaged or rotten deck board, see the tutorial Replacing a Deck Plank for step-by-step instructions. If you have a varnished or painted wood deck and want a stained wood deck, then you will have to strip the paint or varnish off the deck 

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Your porch is the first thing visitors see; its appearance should be warm and inviting, not dull and flaking. Over time, harsh weather conditions and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can take a toll on your porch floor. Using an orbital sander removes old paint quickly and professionally. This job be labor-intensive, but can save you a substantial amount of cash if you do it yourself. Orbital sanders can be rented from most hardware stores, and the end result can be well worth the money spent.

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28 Aug 2013 refinishing deck wood. The past weekend I decided to take on a little porch refinishing project. Our porch had old and out-of-date paint color, not to mention that over 25% of the paint was either peeling or non-existent. Because of this, over the years, the boards have taken on a bit of water and started to cup and warp a little bit.

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Much of that putty had worked loose around the edges, allowing water to pool in these little valleys once the paint was chipped off. Putty is infamous for breaking free any time wood shifts position even slightly, much less when it's at the top of the front steps with constant foot traffic and vibration from the street. With the cracked paint and putty wedges removed, we were left with a sorry-looking floor. My first thought was to fill those big gaps between the boards with a modern silicon 

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The first photo was taken 2 years ago after we had completely removed the previously applied paint and then we primed and painted it with 2 coats of premium exterior porch floor paint. The second photo is today, I'm going to sand it down to bare wood and paint or stain it but please tell me a fail safe product and procedure that is time tested, don't tell me about a product you used last year, we want to hear about something you did 5 to 10 years ago that held up. The wood is tongue 

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How to Clean and Refinish Your wood Deck. Deck RefinishingDeck StainingSanding A DeckStained Deckswood DecksPatio DecksDeckingBackyard IdeasLandscaping Ideas. How to Clean and Refinish Your wood Deck: Applying wood Deck Stain 

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19 Dec 2012 from Dunn-Edwards paints: . Professional painter Cole Schaefer shows the best way to paint a wood deck. For more how-to paint video

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Hire in: If you have a house's worth of trim or siding that must be stripped bare quickly, or if you have lead-laden paint and can't remove it safely, bring in a qualified pro to do it on-site. Visit the EPA's website The trick is to find the right temperature; too low and the job takes forever, too high and you could create harmful vapors, char the wood—or even set the house on fire. Heat guns look like .. Give the surfaces and any uncarpeted floors a final wipedown with a clean, damp cloth.

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Drum sander is one method, they make large four motor orbital floor sanding machines now. Much easier to use and work much better for softer pine flooring and in your case deck. As far as grit, this would depend upon how thick the paint is, how soft it is related to plugging paper and how careful you are not to dig into the surface of the wood. You can use a hand held machine, but that is not going to be much faster then using chemical stripping method and can be just as bad for your 

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DIY Remove paint & Refinish front porch wood flooring – Before & After - Stripping paint off - step by step - refinishing process - penofin stain - bitterwood.

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Put on a respirator, scrape loose and peeling paint and sand bare wood and paint margins smooth. If there are more than a few spots, you may wish to sand the entire porch down to an intact paint layer or bare wood. Rough up smooth surfaces with sandpaper or steel wool and sweep the porch clean.

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porch paint is difficult to remove because it is dense and thick. Because it Because of their direct exposure to water, the individual boards of most porches are likely to be cupped and you'll have to sand that curvature level before you can sand the boards clean. Clear finishes will degrade very quickly on a porch because, unlike paint, they let the sun right into the wood where it can break down the lignins, which are essentially the connective glue that makes wood hold together.