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Kerfkore Company Foamkore - Lightweight composite wood panels.

Foamkore provides up to 80% reduced weight when compared to conventional panels of plywood, particleboard, and MDF. Thicker panels can be used to give the look desired without the increased weight. This reduced weight allows the panels to be safely used in areas where traditional panels would be questionable. Foamkore is available with numerous thin face materials. These include Hardboard, MDF, Luan plywood, Poplar plywood, TFM, Painted, Printed, and other wood fiber 

Jute-fibre glass-plywood/particle board composite - NOPR

plywood and particleboard was also tried with jute-fibre glass, which yielded improved mechanical properties. Keywords: Jute-fibre glass plywood, Particle board composite, Fibre reinforced composite. Considerable importance is now given for finding renewable industrial feedstocks involving use of natural resources to provide industrial feedstock chemicals and also natural fibre reinforced composite materials. Researches are being made with plant fibres to replace glass in the 

Marine Ply - Marine Plywood Sheet Replacement Timber - Dotmar

Uniboard Eco was used to replace marine ply within a fleet of delivery van floors. The Uniboard Eco sheet successfully replaced the marine ply due to its scratch resistance, non requirement of continual painting, easy fabrication, weldability and lig.

Regulatory Impact Analysis for the Plywood and Composite - EPA

The basic substitution in these industries is between different wood products, although non-wood substitutes exist as well for some applications. composite wood products were originally manufactured in response to the growing demand for wood products as the availability of larger sized timber declined. As new wood composites products were developed, they further replaced sawn lumber and other types of wood products. plywood and veneer production lost market share during 

Replacing a Rotted Transom with Coosa Board - YouTube

11 Jan 2016 John Greviskis of Ship Shape TV explains the process of replacing a rotted plywood transom with brand new Coosa composite Board.

RVs & Transportation TekModo

29 May 2017 TekModo's composite panels replace plywood and other wood-based substrates, and provide a number of advantages: Up to 70% weight reduction; Increased strength and durability; Increased impact resistance; Resistant to water, mold and mildew; Produced in a variety of sizes and with customized finishes; Can be produced in one continuous sheet, eliminating the aesthetic and physical drawbacks of panel seams; Significantly reduce warranty claims, equating to 

TekModo foam panel intended to replace plywood in RV fabrication

7 Oct 2017 The panels are aimed as a direct replacement for plywood, adhesively laminated structures, or honeycomb composite panel. Applications include roof, wall, slide-out floor, and main floor systems. Target markets include Commercial Vehicles, Marine, and RV applications. A wide array of surface options, panel thicknesses, and core densities are developed client-specific applications. TekModo has also developed prototype concrete form panels that are intended to 

Coosa Board Coosa Composites Boat Decking Material

I'm looking to replace the plywood transom on my 10' inflatable boat. Can Coosa board be used as a substitute? If so, what type of adhesive would be best ? Bill Brousseau on Jul 21, 2017. BEST ANSWER: Coosa board is ideal for transoms, and most high end boat builders have gone to Coosa for the long term durability & weight savings. It's very easy to work with (although you'll want some gloves and a mask because it does have fiberglass in the sheet). Alternatively, if you wanted 

FAQs - Coosa Composites

When replacing plywood, what panel should be used? Bluewater 26 is the strongest and stiffest panel we make and most like plywood. While we cannot engineer a repair or replacement for you, we suggest you first consider using the same thickness in Bluewater 26 as the plywood being replaced. If spanning 14+ inches, Bluewater 26 will always be our suggestion; however, if spanning 12 or less inches, Bluewater 20 might be sufficient depending upon your particular circumstances.


Thermo-Lite Board? is the ideal alternative or replacement for plywood and wood products. Thermo-Lite Board? is strong, light weight, non-absorbent, and For manufacturers that require a proven core material, Thermo-Lite Board? offers numerous advantages compared to traditional materials, and has an established performance record in virtually every application area that requires a tough and lightweight composite. We welcome you to our website. Check out our Product Line