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Aug 29, 2017 Adding a rooftop deck can transform a drab unused space into a sought after place where people want to gather, relax outdoors, and enjoy the skyline views. Green roofs, a special kind of rooftop deck, can boast beautiful gardens, edible vegetation, conserve energy, and provide places to walk, picnic, or be

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Roof Installations. ? Roofing systems must meet local building code and be in accordance with the NCRA practices. ? Design must include a structural roof deck and waterproofing system that will support the loads of the deck assembly. ? Ensure that the substrate immediately below the deck will promote positive drainage. 11 Roof Top Deck Construction

There are proprietary pedestal systems that provide a very stable, level and serviceable deck over a roof membrane, though they are relatively expensive compared to conventional methods. In whatever manner a deck is constructed over a roof, maintenance for cleaning and repairs of the membrane below is recommended

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Pedestal Supported Decking. Patios or decks with slopes for drainage benefit from the use of a pedestal/paver system. The new deck is safe, attractive, and completely level, while protecting the waterproofing and drainage without any penetration of the waterproof membrane. Bison Section Sans Roof. Weller Deck Before.

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If your rooftop has service pipes, an uneven surface or slopes in multiple directions, one of the major advantages of this pedestal paver system is it enablse you to raise the deck surface over the service pipes and create a perfectly level, elevated roof deck surface. A pedestal paver system can raise the deck height from as