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Here's a way to install a tongue-and-groove ceiling without damaging the wood. Set a board in place. Then with a scrap piece of tongue-and-groove stock as a block, give the board a firm tap. This forces the tongue tightly into the groove. Using finish nails, secure the backboard in place. All the tongues remain intact and

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Installing tongue and groove lumber on a ceiling adds a very distinct look to any room. This type of lumber interlocks as one side has a groove that slips over the tongue of the previously installed course of lumber. You can install these boards by angling nails near the tongue of the lumber directly into the ceiling joist.

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Install a V-Groove Pine Ceiling to add warmth and richness of natural wood to your home. An easy and economical upgrade to add lasting natural curb appeal.

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Feb 17, 2017 Ceilings are usually made of entire sheets of 4' x 8' drywall, or larger, screwed to the joists of the floor above. Hanging ceiling drywall is difficult for many homeowners. But wood tongue-and-groove ceilings offer a tantalizing alternative: a gorgeous natural wood ceiling with an installation process easier than

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Feb 17, 2010 I am installing tongue and groove panels that come in7′ lengths. They have a tongue and groove on the ends as well. My room is a cathedral ceiling that is 20′ wide. I will obviously have 2 joints (3 boards) in each row. Is there a particular pattern that you should follow for the joints. Obviously you odn't

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Adding a tongue and groove ceiling to your great room, living room, or dining room not only adds beautiful texture and interest, but also banishes the bland vanilla ceiling we are all familiar with. Follow the first part of the directions to install a tongue and groove ceiling in your home. (To move ahead to Part 2, click here.)

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Learn about tongue and groove ceiling installation from Armstrong Ceilings. Watch videos, read instructions, estimate your project and more.